Down the Bayou Shrimp Tours

Our group tour takes about 1.5 hours in understanding the many facets of our businesses and the shrimping industry. You will discover the ins and outs of the skimmer vessels vs. the trawler, how many pounds a boat can catch, the sustainability of our industry, the way we take the environmental issues serious in working with the many agencies to insure we meet the criteria that is necessary to remain sustainable, the issues between domestic and imports and how to make sure you're making healthy choices when it comes to purchasing shrimp, the amounts of supplies needed on vessels, the intricate workings of the ice plants, the way we unload and how we unload, what shrimp is supposed to look like when purchasing fresh shrimp, how a vessel works in placing the nets in the water, how we freeze shrimp with our CO2 machines and how we headless and grade them. We have a passion for our industry and making things better.

Reach us at 985-257-1200 or to book your tour.

Shrimp Tour Shrimp Tour